Must be purchased via Queen's Gambit
1,000,000Gil /month
  • Line Priority
  • +1 Line Priority
  • VIP Role on Discord
  • 100,000 Gil Bet Token


Must be purchased via Queen's Gambit
10,000,000Gil /year
  • Line Priority
  • +1 Line Priority
  • First Class Role on Discord
  • 100,000 Gil Bet Token
  • Appear on the First Class Roster


Can I purchase outside of editions?

All Memberships are purchasable only during our Editions & Events.

Can I purchase vip/first class without queens gambit

VIP & First Class are only purchasable whilst you are in the venue, via Queen’s Gambit at our bar (The Ruby).

i forgot when my membership expires

We keep track of your Membership(s), simply speak to a Member of Staff in-game or on our Discord server.

How can i redeem my bet token?

Bet tokens are redeemable on all tables via the Game Hosts. We also keep track of this for you, simply speak to the Game Host!

How many editions/events are memberships valid for?

As many Events/Editions we host during the timeframe of your Membership.

Can I buy for a friend?

You can! While ordering a Queen’s Gambit, just let our Staff know it’s for a friend.