The House-Pet Game

Kakegurui X Oceanis Edition


The Event is hosted by the Game Masters: Esther, Runa & Kitty which can be found with the Looking to Meld Symbol (Yellow Icon) in the venue.



To register and get your name on the list, speak to either Game Master (Esther Saotome or Kitty Cloudz) once you’re in the venue. They will take your name, the school you’re going to support and your initial registration fee. The price for entry is only 20,000 Gil.

Once registered, you will be able to challenge the council members (Which order is up to you). The council consists out of 4 members, 2 from Phoenix Nights (Leon & Kittyx4) and 2 from Oceanis (Kowi & Snow). They are being lead by the neutral council leader Jean. After beating a council member you are able to challenge the next one!

The game that is being played is simple Higher or Lower. The council member will roll a dice and you choose if you think the next roll will be Higher or Lower. You will win if you can predict the correct outcome 3 times in a row. If you get it wrong, you lose! (Tie = Free Reroll). The rolls will be 1-13 just like Blackjack so bear in mind, Aces are high so 1 = the highest result.

Once you beat all 4 council members you will be able to challenge the council leader, Jean Pendragon. If you beat the leader as well, you win the game and you can return to Esther to claim your personal house pet from the list provided on Discord! (Maybe your favourite staff member is on it!) On top of that, the school you’re supporting scores a point!

Council members can’t be claimed like normal staff. To claim a council member you have to play an additional hardmode round. That means you have a rematch with the member you want to claim, if you win you get them as pet, if you lose you become their permanent pet and can’t play any more rounds.

If you are defeated at any time, you are out! To continue playing, you can “buy-in” for another life with Esther or Kitty. The price for each buy-in doubles every time (so 20k, 40k, 80k, 160k, etc). The price caps at 1,000,000 Gil and if you want to keep trying after that it will continue to be 1M per try. Your progress vs. the council won’t be reset on a buy-in! 

If the price becomes too steep or you want to surrender, you’ll be added to the House Pet role on Discord and be named on the loser list~ Additionally the schools council member that managed to beat you last will score a point for their school, so careful who you challenge!



At 23ST the initial battles will be over and the 2 council sides will face each other in a big Showdown to determine which of the 2 schools wins. In this battle the schools will use their accumulated scores for betting!

The game that will be played is called Rock, Paper, Scissors!

If PN wins, Oceanis will have to wear full PN glam on their next opening and include it in their post. If Oceanis wins, they will get a cut of PNs earnings from the event.